A bit of History

Near the end of the 19th century, nobility as well as wealthy and influential families from England, Russia and Germany discovered the attractions the Riviera had to offer.

One travelled with one of the Grand Express international locomotives, for example famous Petersburg - Warsaw - Vienna - Cannes Express to Bordighera throughout Europe to the coastal shores.

Many prominent guests gathered, including the British Prime Minister
Lord Russel and the Italian Queen Margherita.

Memorable events which left culturally significant marks.

The Riviera beckons the guest to linger, thanks to the entrancing architecture Masterpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as evidence of 19th century architecture.

Museums and galleries, theater and music, beautiful gardens and parks, popular traditions, markets, good food and sport, beaches and fun can all be found there. And last, but not least the Casino in Monte Carlo, Nice or Sanremo.

Average / Min / Max

January to March +11 / +6 / +15
April to May +14 / +10 / +18
June +19 / +15 / +23
JuIy to August +24 / +19 / +29
September +23 / +18 / +27
October +18 / +14 / +22
Nov. to December +12 / + 7 / +18